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Fresh from Rehoboth Beach Farmers' Market

Depending on the season, you might enjoy food like the items shown here.

Bounty of the Rehoboth Beach Farmers' Market

Fruits, berries, tomatoes, and corn at the hieght of the season.

Sour Cherry Pie


Artichokes are in the market for just a week or two.

Peach Pie

Artichoke Soup

Maybe the artichokes will be in the market when you visit and we can make this soup.

Tomatoes in Lewes Dairy cream

Fresh tomatoes and the BEST cream from Lewes Dairy.


When peppers and tomatoes are in the market, we can make this with fresh local clams and mussels.

Plum Tart


The ingredients for pork and chicken liver pate are always at the market.

Perfect roast chicken

Barnyard bird roasted in butter. You'll love it.

Asparagus risotto

Asparagus risotto. A spring time treat.

Preping Salmon to poach

Cherries, blueberries, peaches, oh my!

Fresh Figs are in season all summer

Flounder Meuniere

Black Berry Pie

Eperlans Frits (fried smelts)

Browning a pork roast to braise in fresh milk from the Rehoboth Dairy


Sauteed Blue Fish, never fishy when fresh

Coq au Vin can be made from items in the farmer's market

Peach Pie

Tomato Pie


Stuffed Squid

Oyster and Minestrone

Pot Au Feu

Liver Dumpling

Leg of Lamb

Lamb, Fig, and Apricot Stew

Fish Normandy

Beef Tenderloin

Butter Roasted Chicken

Fried Oysters with Braised Cabbage

Cherry & Blueberry Cream Pie

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Trumpet Mushrooms

Clam and Ham Chowder

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