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How to Make a Poached Egg a Meal

This is not a recipe, just some notes on technique. Tear off 18-inch strip of cling wrap and set it over a small bowl. Make sure the cling wrap dips into the bowl. Spray that area with oil. Repeat so you have three bowls set up this way. In the bottom first bowl, set a raw shelled shrimp. In the next, a tablespoon of grated cheese. In the next, add a tablespoon of chopped bacon. Crack an egg into each bowl. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Top one egg with some chopped pimento, the other some chopped fresh basil, the next some fresh chopped parsley. Now for each bowl, pull up the cling wrap, twist, take a twisty to securely close each package. Drop the egg packages into a pan of boil water for 5 minutes. The remove from the water, unwrap and enjoy!

You can choose whatever you want to make up your egg package. They make a great lunch served over a salad.

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