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Scallops in a Provencal Style

Serves 2 as a first course. Double the recipe to serve 2 as a main course. Also, use a 12-inch fry pan if you double the recipe.

Time requirement: 10-15 minutes.

What you will need:

5-6 large scallops.

2 tablespoons chopped pimento (from a jar is fine), drained well.

¼ teaspoon kosher salt.

¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper.

½ teaspoon herb de province which you pulverized to a rough powder in a mortar and pestle or coffee grinder.

¼ teaspoon paprika. (Not a Spanish smokey paprika.)

1 tablespoon olive oil.

3 spring onions, chopped.

1 garlic clove chopped.

1 tablespoon of tomato paste

3 tablespoons of white wine.

½ lemon.

Warm serving plate (s).


Pat dry the scallops with paper towels and place the scallops on a rack over a plate and set aside.

Drain the pimento and lay them on a paper towel.

Combine the salt, pepper, herb de Provence, and paprika in a bowl. Dust the top and bottom of each scallop with this mix. Some will fall onto the plate under the scallops. Retain this and add it to the pan when you add the scallops to the pan).

In a bowl, dissolve the tomato paste in the white wine. Add the juice from half a lemon.

In a 10-inch frypan place the olive oil and green onion. Heat the pan over a medium heat. When the green onions begin to sizzle, add the garlic. Raise the heat to high. Swirl the garlic and green onions in the pan for half a minute. Add the scallops and pimento. Cook scallops 2 minutes. Turn and cook 2 more minutes: Halfway through these second 2 minutes, add the tomato paste, white wine, and lemon juice combination. Swirl pan until the liquid thickens into a sauce. Serve at once on a warm plate(s).


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